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Suricrasia Online maintains an extensive online library of rare ebooks that is available to our customers free of charge. We are partnered with several high-profile publishers that allow us to cache and distribute first drafts and pre-prints, as well as unpublished, anomalous, and out-of-print books. This allows us to collect books that can't be found anywhere else! Additionally, we have begun to use our PORTAL system to obtain volumes from adjacent universes! Vist our PORTAL page to find out more!

On this page you can learn more about our borrowing process and view a small selection of our library. Click on covers to see a bigger image!

Library FAQ

How do I checkout a book?

To checkout an ebook with us, you must go to your customer portal and select "ebook checkout" from the dropdown menu. Once there, you can enter the book's ISBN or requisition number, and press submit.

How do I download the book?

For intellectual property and digital rights management reasons, only one user can have an ebook checked out at any given time. This is enforced by mailing the user a printed access token that they may use to download the desired "checked out" ebook. Once the user is finished with their book, they "check it in" by sending the access token back to us.

I got my access token, now what?

Unfortunately we cannot ensure that the user won't save the ebook onto their disk drive, and this is against our partner agreement. To combat this, downloads are done entirely through the postage system. A user mails us their access code that we just mailed them, and we send them a printed copy of the ebook of their choice. Once they're done, they send it back, we send them their access token, and they send that back again. It's a perfect system!

A Selection of our eBooks

new! "An die Theorie der Bidirektionelle-Brenobilang" (8th. Edition)

Rilas Szepsky, Anton Quatsch — ??? — April 25th, ????

Format: Scanned PDF
Language: German
Category: Nonfiction - Psychogeography

Currently held at the Dragan Potezi-Universität-Institutsbibliothek


    Suricrasia Online Main CampusN/A
    SuON Database Depot (Site C)N/A

The 🝳 Programming Language

Brian W. Kerning et al. — Prentice Hall — ???

Format: Publisher PDF
Language: English
Category: Nonfiction - Programming (203.42)

On loan from Jom Hommer Memorial Library and Interactive Arts Centre


    Suricrasia Online Main CampusCHECKED OUT
    SuON Database Depot (Site C)N/A


Shelley Powers — O'Reilly — ???

Format: Publisher PDF
Language: Runes
Category: Nonfiction - Systems Administration (006.30), Programming (203.42)

On loan from No Books Deserted Library


    Suricrasia Online Main CampusAVAILABLE
    SuON Database Depot (Site C)N/A

Vous Êtes Ma Malbouffe: Un Fantasme Monstrueux

Sandrine Clement — Les Tomes Du Québec — 2006

Format: ePub3
Language: French
Category: Fiction - Erotica (306.70)


    Suricrasia Online Main CampusN/A
    SuON Database Depot (Site C)CHECKED OUT

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