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The Fancy Fursona Webring

This is the homepage for the Fancy Fursona Webring, which is a ring of webpages that starts nowhere and ends nowhere, because it's a loop!

How to include the Webring Widget on your internet web-site:

If you're included in the web-ring, find a place for the widget and add this snippet in that place:

<script src="" data-site-id="YOUR-SITE-ID"></script>

Replace "YOUR-SITE-ID" with the ID value that appears next to your website's entry in this JSON file. To get added to the json file, edit the google sheets document which is pinned to the #webring channel in the Suricrasia Online discord. Once you do this the widget should appear like so:

There are a few configurable attributes you can set to change the colour and display of the widget. Here are all of them:

<script src=""

This code should appear like so:

The widget will grow to fit any horizontal space you give it. If you want to give it a fixed width or a maximum width, wrap the script tag with a div, and style that.