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International Shipping

An executable graphics demo in 4k for x86-64 linux — 1st place at Revision 2019

International Shipping is a 4k gfx demo for 64-bit linux, specifically targeting Ubuntu 18.10 with NVidia graphics cards and proprietary drivers.

Packages needed:
nvidia-###, where ### is the latest driver number
Execution instructions:

To execute the demo, run the following command in the directory with the demo:

~$ ./shipping

By default this will render with 1000 samples per pixel, on my machine (i7-3720QM/Quadro K1000M) this takes about 165 seconds. You can choose the number of samples you want with an environment variable:

~$ SAMPLES=10 ./shipping

This takes 3 seconds on my machine. See the .nfo file in the zip file for render timings on a K1000M and a 980 Ti. Please note, it will only render if your screen is at least 1920 pixels wide.