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Assorted Suricrasian Projects

Below is a list of projects I host on this domain. Web gizmos, graphic art, works of fiction, ongoing coding adventures, that kinda thing!

3d rendering of a paper boat on water

The Demoscene @ Suricrasia Online

Find all my sizecoding exploits over here. 4096 bytes is all you need to generate the above picture!

collage of imaginary book covers

Suricrasia Online's Online Library

Books so rare nobody's even heard of 'em!

screenshot of the web page for the cursed computer iceberg

The Cursed Computer Iceberg Meme

This is not a hall of shame. The intent is to awaken you to many of the peculiarities and weirdness of computers. Hopefully, after reading these articles, you will have learned a lot and will embrace chaos.

screenshot of the web page for the opus databending drumkit

Opus Databending Drumkit

Make glitchy beats with randomly generated Opus protocol packets.

screenshot of the web page for blamscamp


Create a bandcamp-style audio player for selling albums on itch.io.

photo of some sha256 hashes on a computer screen

The Basilisk Collection

This is fucking amazing, on a par with e.g. First on the Moon.Dan Q