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Tiny X11 Trans Flag

A 770 byte app for x86-64 linux that draws the trans pride flag — December 2018

Inspired by XY's DOS CGA trans flag, I decided to try making my own. This was also an excuse to see if I could make an X11 window and draw to it in less than 1 kilobyte. It was a success!

Here is how it should appear:

An image of the trans flag

And here is the obligatory hexdump!

457f 464c db31 b097 cd07 8d80 2474 3d18
0002 0003 e289 4d8d 0020 ebdb 0033 0000
b866 0164 e389 06eb 0034 0020 0001 80cd
eb58 010c 0000 0000 0000 0000 db00 bdeb
0076 ebdb 06eb eb00 06eb 0500 02b0 0aeb
03b3 b866 0166 bf66 1000 80cd c085 a475
5d8d b012 cd05 5080 13b0 535b a6b1 80cd
b04b b13f cd01 b080 5b3f cd49 b080 8d0b
215d 5351 e189 80cd 702f 6f72 2f63 6573
666c 652f 6578 2f00 7375 2f72 6962 2f6e
7a78 6163 0074 0000 0040 ff00 ffff ffff
ffff 00ff 913f d5d6 3efd 2a12 bbc7 023a
a408 c354 1197 9f2d 31c2 b058 1549 737a
44e6 96f0 1fbd 7645 a32c fed0 7f6f 82dd
d064 356f 5916 a8ca 593d 950f e3a8 5a8c
8278 c0b6 f1a0 d118 875d 7115 6a26 2a28
2167 f203 9532 0a72 71c6 09dd 9afb e0ef
3824 658b 78c4 4413 390b 371e 81a4 7759
0e3f 45c3 08c8 703c 8508 4515 0fd7 8319
52d5 4824 189c aed8 83ff 3233 a6d7 deb1
7a80 0099 36f3 2766 3728 3deb 1811 ba77
8bed 11d2 0327 bfbc 3f00 7e59 a570 28fd
382f ae63 40a7 3f7f 36f9 a2f0 b16d fa1a
0ba1 b896 c395 3a86 a75a e745 81ed 1d93
465b 0c37 cd46 1453 7af8 caa1 1de5 d599
a540 2f65 07c6 3f0c 4d9b ce85 546c 2c67
17a0 aac1 644f 9109 58dc 680d bc51 9708
a285 dc29 8e2a aa40 3c44 ed0e 12c1 58a8
df09 8973 6f6a 5016 fb7b c4fb 503d d154
c786 b3c9 f68e a787 e4d4 8b7b aa3f 4876
a233 2e78 9975 ed25 69ce 718e f2f8 09a4
1088 791d c494 56e0 7123 9ca2 64e6 0eab
ea4f 9f14 7f4a f20a 9034 db48 3445 d16c
7b70 4362 c4b1 ad04 6768 79e2 0b28 fdb2
c5a9 6e4c 9d09 beb8 3c72 9ddb 9af0 7c51
b80b 3e75 2e78 424c 23fa 8470 6b9d a84c
f359 2d71 4152 4a85 53a5 2852 8af0 baa4
6601 1522 dbda 308f ca67 e858 7727 c36f
d6b0 3bbd f9bf dfa1 1694 3858 108a f9c7
e32c 11a2 87a0 13f9 47e4 df6e e45d 05eb
31a9 3e97 2ece f140 e8f1 f5db ca52 e643
ee97 3567 20ae 30eb 5b22 4ffb 0360 4620
544f 55f6 0af2 c1a5 17de c28d 8b8d cc2f
823f c758 e38f ec80 df52 a12c 5215 a569
9734 92a5 aa86 d8f1 8382 2789 4ca9 eceb
377e 18a0 55cb 419f 2fed e84e d049 ddd6
ed40 0790 887d ae20 b8fa 1ddb 3d12 6ca7
f5e3 cbdb 9ce2 aac3 7cc4 6a20 87af 4bfd