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The Demoscene @ Suricrasia Online

Ever since being transported into this universe in the mid 1990s through unknown means, we have been fascinated by the scene. The demoscene and sizecoding most specifically. The fact that you could fit a whole universe in just a few thousand or even hundred bytes is truly awe-inspiring.

This fascination in sizecoding culminated in 2014 with the establishment of a dedicated demoscene division within Suricrasia Online. After much debate, deep introspection, and focus group testing we dubbed this dedicated demoscene division with the designation "The Demoscene @ Suricrasia Online"

For a long while this was one of the most top-secret initiatives at Suricrasia Online, a close second to our research into data-driven self-bondage techniques. Finally, in 2017, we went public with our creations, publishing them to our website for the whole world to see.

Demos We Made:

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